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Alpine Heliski

Alpine Heliski

Alpine Heliski
Alpine HeliskiYour Queenstown Heliski Adventure

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Alpine Heliski Your Queenstown Heliski Adventure

About Us

Book heliskiing in Queenstown & Wanaka New Zealand for the best backcountry powder experience of your life! Alpine Heliski & snowboard is a must for your NZ winter holiday!

Alpine Heliski Regular Heliski Packages

Regular Heliski Packages

Looking for a day you will remember for a lifetime? One of these packages is a great way to start. To help you select the package that is right for you – take a look at our ability scale and then choose from our Heliski packages.

Chartered Heliski Packages

Private Charter is Alpine Heli-Ski’s absolute premier product. We provide you with exclusive use of the Eurocopter helicopter and access to Alpine Heliski’s vast terrain. Please note that fly time is collective up time, this means when the helicopter is on the ground with the engine running you are not paying. Only when the helicopter lifts off does the clock start. 1.5-2 hours fly time gives you a whole day of skiing.

Alpine Heliski 4 Run Day is suitable for HELI 1 & 2.

4 Run Day is suitable for HELI 1 & 2.

Book in your heliski package today to lock in the best prices! We offer a 100% refund up until 24 hours prior to your booking. The early bird deals are available until May 31st, shoulder season rates are from June 1st to June 30th and our peak season rates are from July 1st to September 20th 2023.

1.5 Hours Fly Time Queenstown Charter

1.5 hours fly time gives your group up to 10-12 run each. Extra fly time available at the rate of $1,995.00 per half hour plus GST. Please choose your preferred dates but please to be aware these are subject to change as weather conditions change.

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Additional Info

Price Range: Medium To High
Areas We Serve: Queenstown, Wanaka, Dunedin, Otago, New Zleanad

Our Location

37 Shotover Queenstown Otago 9300
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Alpine Heliski
Alpine HeliskiYour Queenstown Heliski Adventure
 6403 441 2300
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