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Compare Business LoansA New Zealand Business Loan Broker

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Compare Business Loans A New Zealand Business Loan Broker

About Us

Compare Business Loans is a business loan broker partnered with over 12 lenders throughout New Zealand. We assist our clients with their business loan application, preparing the right documents and getting them to the right lender.

Considering a business loan for your business?

A 5 minute phone call is all it takes to know what funds are available to your business Learn More…
Compare Business Loans Business Loan Application Management

Business Loan Application Management

Let us help your business prepare your loan application and find you the best business loan interest rate from our available lenders. We help make the business loan application process simple and can get you the right type of loan from the right lender.

Which type of business loan is right for your business?

Choosing the right loan from the right lender can be confusing when you are new to business loans. Our clients have peace of mind because we can assess your business needs over the phone and let you know which type of loan is suitable for your business situation, the amount of funding available to your business and which lender will be the right lender to apply with. We manage our clients applications from start through to settlement.

Compare Business Loans Secured or unsecured business loans

Secured or unsecured business loans

We have lenders who can help with secured or unsecured business loans. Which loan is best for your business depends on your business income, overall health of your business, whether you have assets available as security and how long your business has been operating. As part of our service we can assess your business and find you the right finance solution.

Startup business loans

Findig the right startup business loan lender can be difficult because not all lenders will loan to startup businesses. Compare Business Loans have several lenders we work with who offer startup business loans and can help you prepare your application so you have the best chance of approval. You’ll need a business plan, a 12 month cashflow forecast, security and good credit history to apply for a startup business loan.

Compare Business Loans

Additional Info

Price Range: Low To Medium
Areas We Serve: New Zealand, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Dunedin

Our Location

66 Nelson Street Howick Auckland 2014
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Compare Business LoansA New Zealand Business Loan Broker
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