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GoodtohaveEverything for a self-sufficient lifestyle

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Goodtohave Everything for a self-sufficient lifestyle

About Us

Your New Zealand online shop for all your prepping, food preservation, canning and survival needs.

Goodtohave Mylar Bags

Mylar Bags

These Mylar Bags offer an efficient and effective way to preserve food for long term storage. They are a 3 Layer design and thus essentialy 3 bags in one.

On the Outside there is a layer of PET, the same material softdrink bottles are made of, giving the bag its strength.

The middle layer is a thin layer of Aluminium (“tinfoil”) protecting whatever is inside from light (UV) while also acting as a diffusion barrier. This means that no oxygen and other gases can “seep through” the bag like they do with normal plastic bags.

1l Sprouting Kit from Goodlife

Making your own sprouts are an excellent way to add nutrition and flavor to your diet. If you are someone who enjoys this process or wants to start, then you will be happy to know that there is an innovative product that makes it easier and more convenient to make your own sprouts. Introducing the Sprout Jar Kit.

Goodtohave 13 Function Multitool

13 Function Multitool

This is an all-stainless steel Multitool and comes with 13 functions and comes handy on all hunting and camping trips. All products are shipped from New Zealand the next business day.

Solar Net Dehydrator

Our solar net drying rack with four layers and insect proof, revolutionizing the way you dry herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

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GoodtohaveEverything for a self-sufficient lifestyle
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