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Check Local gives you the tools to help drive more customers to your business using Organic Content Marketing. We can help grow your digital presence, build brand awareness, generate new leads and compete with big budget retailers who dominate online search results.

It’s simple, profile a product you sell, a service you offer, even answer a question, helping people make informed decisions when they are searching for information online.

Monthly Flat Rate

Pay a low monthly flat rate of $39.95 for our All Access Plan. You won't pay for clicks or impressions, so theres no unexpected costs. and you can cancel your plan at any time.

Unlimited Advertising

Publish unlimited pages of content promoting your business, products you sell and/or services you offer. Every page you publish is optimised for Google search results.

Self Managed

No costly SEO specialists. As a business owner or employee, utilise your knowledge of your business industry and manage your account and content yourself.

Launch Price Offer

Get a lifetime membership for only $5 per month! This is a monthly flat rate,
giving you access to all our publishing tools and  unlimited advertising

What is Organic Content Marketing?

Organic Content Marketing makes digital advertising affordable for small business. Its not just about driving sales, it’s about generating authentic, helpful content that builds trust and awareness with potential customers over time.

You’re working to engage your audience, giving them an answer to a question and/or helping them make an informed decision on a product you sell or a service your business provides.

“95% of kiwis use the internet every day and 88% will search online for a product or service prior to purchase”

With that said, answers are important! People are searching for answers online every day, are you answering them? or is your competition…

As a Business owner you can manage your own account, publishing content daily, weekly, monthly… its really up to you!

Heres the four profile formats you can currently publish:

Answer Profile

Answer common questions related to your business industry. Right now, potential customers are searching for answers online... Are you answering them or is your competition? Publish simple Q and A's on our platform that will get picked up by Google and potential customers. Your business information and a call to action is included on every page to help generate leads and direct traffic to any external url, your website, Facebook and more.

Product Profile

Profile a product you sell. Your profile will display key information to the viewer including pricing, star rating reviews(if available), location, availability, external links and full business contact details. Product Profiles can display in Google Rich Snippets and organic SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)

Sale/Special Offer Profile

Profile a sale, special offer, discount coupon etc.. Target customers searching on the Checklocal website or Google. Generate new leads and drive traffic to any external url, your website, Facebook and more. Use coupons unique to CheckLocal to help monitor leads and sales.

Service Profile

Profile a service you offer. Include service details, a customer review, 3 business features, pricing, contact and social details. Service Advertisements can also display in Google Rich Snippets and boost your organic ranking in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page)

I'm interested, where do I start?


Check out some live search results on the CheckLocal website

Check out some live search results here, this is how your own business content will display when potential customers search using the CheckLocal search engine


Think about individual products or services you want to promote

Best sellers, slow movers, most competitively priced. You want these products and services to jump the queue in Google and disrupt the big budget retailers, chain stores and online retailers who dominate organic search results

Start a list of common questions you're asked about in your business industry

Now answer them! Your goal here is to give potential customers an answer to a question, helping them make an informed decision on a product or service they are searching for online. 

Launch Price Offer $5 Per Month!

Get a lifetime membership for only $5 per month! This is a monthly flat rate,
giving you access to all our publishing tools and  unlimited advertising

What our members have to say

We jumped on the chance to give our holiday accommodation more exposure online. We've utilised the answer profile well and have found our content starting to appear on the first page of Google - which is amazing because we've got no experience in websites or advertising online whatsoever! Many thanks CL!
Owner - Off The Grid Accommodation
Love the concept and the flat rate!!! We've only just started publishing content and have found it simple to use. We're interested in seeing how the Checklocal structured data works for us so looking forward to seeing some results in the coming weeks
Sticky Media
Have Questions? Heres some answers...
  • Flat rate monthly membership
  • Unlimited advertising
  • Self managed
  • Help local customers find your products and services online
  • Increase organic SEO
  • Generate positive PR by offering authentic, free content to people searching for answers, products or services related to your business industry
  • Build valuable backlinks to your own website or social profiles
  • Promote sales and special offers through dedicated ad space

Checklocal supports small businesses in New Zealand only. Small businesses are defined as having fewer than 20 employees so if you have 19 employees or less you’re good to go!

If your business hovers around that amount, perhaps just over, contact us as we can make exceptions on a case by case basis.

Yes. You can cancel your plan at any time, there is no contract or lock in period. We don’t offer refunds for partial months so if you cancel on the 1st for example and your monthly payment is on the 16th you will not be reimbursed for the 15 days.

Not at all! You can use Checklocal as a way to build your online presence and start getting found in the major search engines and the Checklocal search engine.

It would be hugely beneficial to have at least one external URL you can use eg; Facebook, A business directory, Pinterest, Etsy etc… 

No, the idea behind CheckLocal is that business owners or existing employees can manage their content themselves and draw upon their knowledge of their business industry to write and publish unique content for people searching for answers online.

With that said however, if you have limited time to put aside for creating your content and are happy to outsource then by all means go for it!

Checklocal offer a single Flat Rate Plan of $39.95 per month. No hidden costs what-so-ever. 

This plan gives you unlimited advertising. All profiles published are live while your plan is active.

For Answer, Product and Service Profiles your content will be saved in two formats.

One format is for Google. So any time someone searches for content on Google, your profile has the opportunity to rank in the organic search results.

The second format is for the Checklocal Search Engine. Your profile will rank for any search performed on the Checklocal website that includes the same keyword(s)

A visitor to www.checklocal.co.nz can search the entire profile database for an Answer, Product, Sale/Special Offer or Service.

Content can be filtered by location, so users can localise their search results.

All profiles are displayed using RSR (Random Search Results). So every profile has the opportunity to rank 1st, 2nd 3rd and so on every time a search is performed.

Search results can also be shuffled using the shuffle button, returning a new order of results for the user.

Launch Price Offer

Get a lifetime membership for only $5 per month! This is a monthly flat rate,
giving you access to all our publishing tools and  unlimited advertising.

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  • Cancel your plan at any time
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