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PetSafe HQ

PetSafe HQ

PetSafe HQ
PetSafe HQWhere Pet Safety Meets Peace of Mind
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PetSafe HQ Where Pet Safety Meets Peace of Mind

About Us

Lost pet? PetSafe Pet Tag helps! 🐾 A quick scan reveals your info and ‘Missing Pet Alert’, ensuring a fast reunion. No vet or animal control needed, just a call for a speedy, happy reunion.

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Advanced Pet Safety Tags

Our PetSafe Pet Tags are revolutionising pet safety. Designed for all pets, these tags feature QR technology, allowing anyone who finds your pet to access essential contact details with a simple scan. Each tag is durable, stylish, and can be custom engraved with your pet’s info. They offer an added layer of security, ensuring a quick reunion in case your pet goes missing. No more worries about lost pets; with our tags, your furry friend’s safety is always in reach.

Seamless Lost Pet Alerts

PetSafe provides an innovative solution for lost pets. Our system enables instant ‘Missing Pet Alerts’ once your pet’s tag is scanned. This alert includes critical information like your contact details and special care instructions for your pet. It’s an efficient alternative to posting on social media or waiting for a vet to scan a microchip. Our aim is to reduce the anxiety of losing a pet by offering a quick, reliable way to reunite you with your beloved companion.

Customisable Pet Profiles

Our service goes beyond basic ID tags. We offer fully customisable pet profiles accessible through our PetSafe Pet Tags. These profiles can include your pet’s medical history, dietary needs, and other specific care instructions. It’s an ideal feature for pets with special needs or medical conditions. Update the profile anytime, ensuring that whoever finds your pet has all the necessary information to care for them properly until you’re reunited.

You can choose what’s visible and when it’s visible!

Robust Community Support

Join our thriving PetSafe community, a network of pet owners sharing a common goal: pet safety and well-being. Engage in forums, share tips, and access resources for responsible pet ownership. Our community is a supportive space for exchanging stories, advice, and experiences. It’s not just about finding lost pets; it’s about fostering connections and learning from each other, making pet ownership a more informed and fulfilling journey for everyone.

PetSafe HQ

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Price Range: Low To Medium
Areas We Serve: Online, New Zealand

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401 Te Ngae Road Rotorua Bay of Plenty 3010
PetSafe HQ
PetSafe HQWhere Pet Safety Meets Peace of Mind
 022 396 9509
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