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Pro-DevPro-Dev – Your one-stop-shop for product design to manufacturing in New Zealand.
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Pro-Dev Pro-Dev – Your one-stop-shop for product design to manufacturing in New Zealand.

About Us

Pro-Dev is an industrial and product design and manufacturing consultancy based in Wellington, New Zealand. Our services include Industrial Design, Product Design and Development, Product Manufacturing, Project Management and Compliance Management.

Product Design

Pro-Dev has created products that are successfully mass manufactured and sold around the globe. We can act as your offsite in-house design team or work with you on a per-project basis. We use the Agile system of working, which enables us to provide real-time progress reports, invite collaboration and communicate effectively. This saves time and money by needing fewer design iterations or incorrect tooling. We are fully cloud-based and use common software platforms for our projects, allowing collaboration in real-time, transparency and easy communication.

Industrial Design and Engineering

Every product is designed and engineered in 3D CAD to ensure the parts are engineered for manufacturing and to meet strict regulatory standards. Our cloud-based 3D CAD platform unites CAD, data management and real-time collaboration. We use Onshape, a cloud-based product development platform combining CAD, built-in data management, real-time collaboration tools and business analytics.

Product Manufacturing

Pro-Dev is highly skilled and experienced in manufacturing parts and products through our extensive network of manufacturers in China. We can work with every type of consumer product, price point and quality requirement, offering a complete turnkey solution. Our skill in Design for Manufacturing (DFM) encompasses selecting components and materials that ensure products are easy to manufacture and assemble. We have a highly-skilled production management team who oversee the production of the simplest to most complex products.

Project Management

At Pro-Dev, because we are all about transparently managing clients’ expectations, we take an Agile approach to our projects. This allows us to provide real time progress reports, invite collaboration and communicate effectively, saving time through needing fewer design iterations and money through incorrect tooling. Our aim is to ensure clients know exactly what is happening in a project at any given time.

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Additional Info

Price Range: Medium
Areas We Serve: New Zealand Wide

Our Location

46 Fraser Crescent, Elderslea Upper Hutt Wellington 5018
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Pro-DevPro-Dev – Your one-stop-shop for product design to manufacturing in New Zealand.
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